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Students Chatting On Stairs

If labourers need a Trade Union, why don't students need a Student Union?


Welcome to the family

Image by NASA


A world that you know you want

Image by MD Duran

Student Led Events

From sports to debates, why wait till someone else hosts a cup? We'll create our own.

Rocket Launch

Funding for research papers and projects

Why can't a high school student build a rocket?

Teacher Instructing

Networking and communities

Why do we have to beg for internships just to get rejected? Join us to prove a student's worth

Join Us

Why wait till you reach heaven to attain enlightenment? Lets build a heaven on Earth

Once we reach 100-200 members, we can officially start all programs

Lets show the world what would happen if all the geniuses in the world come together

Currently only in Bangalore

+91 9740472301

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